work with us

work with us

Are you a qualified massage therapist?

To work as a Stressbusters massage therapist you will need to be fully qualified with at least a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. If you are qualified in another wellbeing practice (such as a yoga instructor), feel free to get in touch. We may still be able to find something for you.

Are you trained in the TouchPro chair massage technique?

Great! Get in touch. We are always looking for new Stressbusters to join our team.

To practice our signature chair massage you will need to complete the TouchPro training. You will find all the information about the school and technique here.

If you are not interested in providing chair massage but are trained in other massage therapies and/or wellbeing practices, it may still be worth getting in touch. We get enquiries about all sorts of things involving health, wellbeing and happiness.