Welcome to our press page, we were the first chair massage company on national television and in the press. Founded by Alisdair Burcher in 1991.

Warning: these videos may contain alarming images of 90’s ponytails and green scrunchies!

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Independent on Sunday 1992

“It’s a fantastic idea. We are often under a great deal of pressure to perform, so this is the perfect vehicle to help us control our stress levels.”

Timeout 1992

“Gives a whole new meaning to media manipulation”

Business Mail on Sunday

“We cover every sector of the business community, from creative people to top banking personnel.”

Office Secretary Spring 1993

“After just one session, most people report feeling more alert and refreshed.”

The Sun

“Acupuncture without pins”

The Vitality Break

“You’re working on the mind by working on the body”

Evening standard

“Firms can help revitalise tired employees and boost productivity”

Financial Times

“The chair massage, provided by the likes of Stressbusters, is the employee perk de jour among progressive companies”