13 self care challenges

Sometimes looking after ourselves seems like the least important thing. We have chores to do, mouths to feed, deadlines to meet. Things keep piling up and up until self care becomes at the very bottom of the pile. We become the least important thing in our own lives. So as it is self care week we have put together a few self care challenges for you to start taking care of you.


  1. Get more sleep.

Challenge yourself to be in bed by a certain time. Set yourself a cut off for work and chores, and get away from those screens. Include some wind down time for yourself. A hot bath before bed, a warm drink and some time to read will make bedtime feel more enjoyable. Making sure you get enough hours sleep will make the days easier, and make you more productive.

  1. Practice meditation or mindfulness.

Challenge yourself to do daily meditation. There are many apps and program choices out there. And you can start with sessions lasting as little as 3 minutes. Mindfulness helps to calm the body and mind and improve our overall wellbeing.


  1. Eat healthily (and make the food yummy).

We all know that food has a massive impact on our lives. From influencing long term illnesses to short term energy levels. However, we still find it really hard to eat well. Challenge yourself to try new and healthy recipes. Tune into your body and start to work out what foods work well for you.

  1. Find time for your people.

Finding time for friends, family and relationships can be difficult and may not always seem like a priority. But social interactions are really important for our wellbeing. Find time for phone calls, dinner dates and outings with the people that you love. Being there for others and letting others be there for you is a big part of self-care and kindness.


  1. Intellectual stimulation.

Whether it’s watching ted talks, playing sudoku or reading more. Find time to use your brain. Stretch yourself. We should never stop learning.

  1. Take exercise.

Whether it is yoga, running, or trampolining, do something that works for you. Even if you just challenge yourself to take the stairs instead of the lift to start with. Try to get your heart rate thumping and your muscles moving. A dance around the kitchen is always a fun place to start.


  1. Listen to your body.

Many of us go through the day with aches and pains and do nothing about it. Start paying attention to your body. If you are aching, get yourself booked in for a massage. Got an injury? Book yourself in to see a specialist like a physiotherapist. Regular movement and stretches can make a big difference.

  1. Treat yourself.

Make yourself freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. Run a nice bubble bath with candles. Buy a lovely bunch of flowers just for you. Treat yourself to that hot chocolate.

Take time to do something special just for you each day and remind yourself that you are worth the effort.


  1. Surround yourself with beauty.

Whether it be remembering to make your bed every morning, having fresh flowers or taking up painting- surround yourself with simple beauty and cleanliness. Your outside surroundings can make a big difference to your inside wellbeing.

  1. Relax.

Make it a priority to find time to relax. Identify what it is you need. Whether it’s having a massage, slumping in front of the telly or cleaning the house. Find what relaxes you and make time for it.


  1. Take time out.

This can be one of the hardest for many people. But learn to take time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dare I say it- switch off your phone! Or at least put it on silent. Learn to say no to things and set boundaries. Take some time just for you.

  1. Get outside.

Getting outside and within nature can be really beneficial to our wellbeing. If you live in a city try to get out to the countryside for the weekend. Have lunch in the park. Swap the bus ride for a walk. Get out and breathe some fresh air.


  1. Do something you love.

Whether it’s rock climbing, weekends in Europe or watching Game of Thrones under a warm blanket. Do something you love to do. The more time you can take for pleasure the more bearable the rest will become.

So take the time. Go on, we dare you.


Want to encourage others to take care of their wellbeing? Get in touch today for onsite-massage, stress management and all sorts of wellbeing services in the workplace and at special events.


Happy Self Care Week!